Voronoi Cell Topology
Visualization & Analysis Toolkit

version 0.4.0 • Resolve indeterminate topologies
• Support for LAMMPS dump format output
• Changes to data output formatting
version 0.3.3 • Fixed bug, improved speed. 2017-05-04
version 0.3.2 • Improved speed. 2017-04-30
version 0.3.1 • Improved speed for BCC systems. 2017-04-28
version 0.3.0 • New format for filter files.
• Added support for non-orthorhombic systems.
• Added cluster analysis to help identify defects.
• Support for X filters has been removed.
• Some changes to command-line options.
• Calculation of perturbed version of samples.
version 0.2 Significant changes to calc_wvector() routine, decreasing run-time per atom by a factor of five. Due to this increased running-time, X filters are no longer necessary and are currently deprecated; they will be removed in future versions. 2016-03-09
version 0.1 First public release. 2015-10-16